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My Story: Portfolio Career

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I am Marika Bee,

The founder of the Future Ready Group, and a multi hyphen creative with a background in music, art and media. Welcome to my corner of the internet, here you will find an official space to keep updated on my latest ventures and access opportunities to connect and work with me directly.


Before I glitched my way into tech...

I was was a singer-songwriter, sharing stages with artists like Kylie Minogue, Nile Rodgers and Sam Smith. I even had the incredible chance to be mentored by Beyoncé's dad in Houston, Texas, for the Channel 4 Hit TV show Chancers 2006, developing my song-writing and performance skills alongside Solange and Kelly Rowland. When I returned to the UK and wrapped up my music studies at The University of Chester, I realised the beat of the world had sped up and technology was bringing a brand new rhythm. It was time to evolve or get left behind!  ​


Inspired by a Fox, but not just any Fox...

​So, one night I happened to turn on the TV and see,

Baroness Martha Lane Fox on the BBC delivering a lecture about bridging the digital skills gap, her inspiration was timely, as at the time I was jobless and feeling unmotivated,  but listening to her talk, felt like she was talking directly to me, and it became the fuel I needed to spark me into action. I began leading digital skills campaigns and collaborating with the tech organisations, I worked with UK Government Department DCMS leading the Digital Skills Partnership for the West Midlands, collaborating with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon on implementing their digital skills initiatives.


As a Business Manager at Microsoft, I worked with local and national government, policy, media & academia partners, witnessing first hand the power of effective communication and collaboration in driving real change. I've mentored and coached start up founders, been a competition Judge for Tech Nation Rising Stars, Aston Business School, I'm also an Ambassador and Co Author of the Education and Allyship Playbook in partnership with Tech Talent Charter to help tech organisations provide safe and supportive environments for black employees to thrive. And let me tell you, the journey's been nothing short of amazing. ​Take a look at my Career portfolio, here.


Ever heard of TEDx?...

Well, I took the stage with my talk titled 'Does It Really Meta?'—a little something to inspire you to see technology as an extension of ourselves.

Curious?... Go ahead, give it a watch, here. ​


I consider myself a student of life,

Spotting trends and drawing on my creative roots, I've been upskilling myself and improving my technical skills, I delved into data analytics, machine learning and Xtended Reality Design, which led me to build TEVR a Virtual Reality software prototype for art galleries and to my surprise it became a winning idea in the Meta competition, landing me the opportunity to present at the prestigious House of Lords in London, December 2023. ​


Today, I lead a diverse portfolio career; founder of Future Ready Group, and Innovation Manager for Birmingham Metropolitan College, I am also a proactive advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech and creative industries. However my mission doesn't stop there, I'm continuously seeking new ways to blend creativity with cutting-edge technology and so with each endeavour, I aim not only to make an impact but to inspire others to join me in shaping the future.


"I believe that creativity, collaboration, innovation and diversity are key ingredients for business growth and will fuel our progress to a brighter future." 

Marika Bee - Future Ready Group

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