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My Winning Metaverse Concept supported by Meta 100 worlds

Updated: Apr 24

Meta: 100 World in 100 Days

In a bold move to foster diversity and inclusion within the tech industry, Colorintech, a prominent non-profit organisation, unveiled in March 2023, its most ambitious UK metaverse program to date: '100 Worlds in 100 Days'. The initiative was backed by Meta and positioned to be a ground breaking joint mission to empower over 200 UK businesses to pioneer immersive products, tools, and services.


Well not quite! The idea of the metaverse continues to spark the imaginations of innovators and pioneers all over the world to discover and design, safe purposeful and inclusive immersive applications across, education, health, entertainment, manufacturing, engineering and social interaction. That's right the metaverse whilst still evolving is set to presents boundless opportunities for those who dare to explore its depths. So me being the daredevil that I am, I grabbed the opportunity to learn more and connect with like minded others who were also keen to explore the potential of new digital realms.

As part of the Meta 100 Days initiative I was given access to learning resources, business mentors and support to build for the metaverse. I used this time to further develop my virtual reality art gallery software, and I wanted to understand the business structure required for art galleries to access my software and what would be required to ensure that my idea was suitable to withstand the changes across the XR industry (Xtended Reality) I mean now that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the new king in town, was it time for me to give up on my virtual reality journey or spot the opportunity?....


I continued to build TEVR a Virtual Reality software for Art Galleries,

Think of it like the Eventbrite for VR Exhibitions.

Art Galleries would have the capabilities to create customised user friendly VR exhibitions and host them in the metaverse, offering free and paid options to view digital and immersive art experience. So anyone, anywhere at anytime can view digital art, purchase and experience digital art they way it was made to be experienced.

Building on this concept, I submitted my idea into the Meta 100 Worlds in 100 Days competition and to my surprise I became one of the winners, receiving a pre -seed grant, a meta quest headset, business mentoring. and the opportunity to pitch my idea at the House of Lords in London December 2023, in front of VC's, MPs, Lords, Tech enthusiast and Meta representatives. It was my first time pitching my idea as a potential SAAS Business and I was delighted to see how positively it was received. I'm now on a journey with the Tech Nation Libra Business accelerator, further building the idea and seeking collaborators, advisors and builders who want to be part of this journey with me.


Are you a developer, investor, or beta tester eager to join the metaverse revolution and contribute to the TEVR journey? Sign up here on the Future Ready Creatives platform to be the first to know about opportunities with TEVR. Together, let's pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant metaverse.


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