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How's Business Going?... Tech Nation Libra, Business Accelerator Update.

As a black female founder with a ground-breaking Virtual Reality software prototype, stepping into the Tech Nation Libra Business Accelerator felt like entering a realm pulsating with infinite possibility. The kick-off event on Thursday, January 18th, 2024, at The Loading Bay, Tech Space in London, was nothing short of electrifying. Surrounded by 25 founders from diverse backgrounds, ranging from seasoned entrepreneurs to fresh-faced visionaries like myself, I could feel the energy of innovation crackling in the air.

The day commenced with networking sessions that seamlessly blended the wisdom of established founders with the fresh perspectives of newcomers. It was an environment ripe for collaboration, where ideas flowed freely, and connections were forged with ease. As we gathered, we shared stories, exchanged insights, and fuelled each other's passions for driving change in the tech industry.

One of the highlights of the day was the Tech Nation Alumni Panel, where successful founders shared their journeys through the programme. Hearing firsthand accounts of their challenges, triumphs, and the pivotal role Tech Nation Libra played in their growth was both inspiring and empowering. Among the stories shared was that of RUKA hair, a testament to the transformative impact of the programme, showcasing how it ignited growth and attracted further VC investment.

For context, Tech Nation Libra is a beacon of empowerment for underrepresented tech founders like myself. Dedicated to providing the knowledge, connections, and tools necessary to scale our start-ups, the programme serves as a springboard for our entrepreneurial ambitions.

What sets Tech Nation Libra apart is its commitment to fostering an environment of openness and intimacy. Here, genuine conversations about the unique challenges faced by underrepresented founders take centre stage. It's a space where we can share our experiences authentically, knowing that our voices will be heard and valued.

Throughout the programme, we're offered a wealth of resources tailored to our specific needs. From industry expert-led workshops to peer-to-peer support and valuable coaching sessions, every aspect is designed to nurture our growth and development. Moreover, the programme opens doors to funding opportunities and connections with investors and mentors, paving the way for our success in the competitive tech landscape.

As I embark on this journey with Tech Nation Libra, I am filled with anticipation and determination. I am eager to seize every opportunity, overcome every challenge, and bring my Virtual Reality software to life. With the support of Tech Nation Libra and my fellow founders, I know that together, we will pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant tech industry.


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